There Are So Many Different Types Of Lawyers

If you look around, there are lawyers all over the place, but not all of them practice the same type of law. Suing your employer and fighting for custody means you will have to hire two different types of lawyers. If you want to know more about the distinction between different lawyers, you should continue reading.


A criminal lawyer is one that helps defend criminals against prosecution. Regardless of whether they feel the person is innocent or guilty, it is their job to make sure that they give the person the best available defence. They do not have to prove the person is innocent at all. It is the job of the prosecution to prove guilt.

Family law attorneys deal with cases that have anything to do with the family unit. This covers everything from adoptions and child custody to divorce and premarital agreements. This is also the branch of law that defends juvenile offends during criminal cases.

A personal injury attorney is a civil lawyer that helps clients get monetary compensation for injuries they sustain as the result of another person\’s negligence. These monetary damages include lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. It is the attorney’s job to prove that the actions of the other party resulted in an injury to their client.

Real estate attorneys are another one of the different types of lawyers out there. This type of lawyer handles cases that include things like easements, permits and homeowners’ rights. They also help settle disputes concerning land leases and contracts.

Social Security lawyers are those that help people that need to prove that they have a need for SSI and SSDI benefits. Many times, clients have a difficult time proving their case to the Social Security Administration. Hiring this type of lawyer will give you a boost if you have a hard to prove case.

A worker’s compensation lawyer is the one that you would call if you receive an injury at work. Instead of suing the company directly, you are supposed to file a claim through the worker’s compensation insurance system. Having a lawyer on your side will make it much more likely you will get what is owed to you.

Medical malpractice lawyers are there for people that have been injured at the hands of a doctor. While some of it is as simple as doctors making errors during surgery, some of it is a bit more difficult, like a doctor waiting too long to give someone a diagnosis. Either way, this type of lawyer will help you recover damages.

As was stated earlier in this article, there are a lot of different types of lawyers. There’s much more than what was mentioned here, but these are the ones that most people will come in contact with in their lives. If you ever need an attorney, this guide should help you figure out who to call. Knowing this will save you lots of time since you can get your case started sooner.